Reverent Memorial Day

The Town of Sidney hosted its annual Memorial Day celebration on Monday, May 28, 2018.  Many town residents came out to honor loved ones, family, friends, and others who have given their lives in service or continue to serve their communities and the United States of America.

We were graced with the Messalonskee High School band, who performed wonderfully. And the BSA and GSA participated in the parade and afterward to serve goodies to parade goers. And I’ll have to ask the parade committee who the amazing group of men who performed A Cappella. Their voices were simply amazing.  The Sidney Historical Society was also passing out cards to Sidney residents asking for favorite and time honored recipes to contribute to their cookbook efforts. If you read this and want to learn more, just stop by the Sidney Town Office to get more info. The Sidney Memorial Day Parade Committee is also always looking for new volunteers. I think I was inducted this past weekend by our indefatigable Kristy Spears.

I had time this year to watch the whole ceremony and I got choked up over some of the prayers, the songs, and I shed a tear during Taps as I spent moment remembering all those in my family who have served and still do – and for all the people serving and lives given to protect the freedoms we hold so dear.

There was an interesting discussion that broke out as we watched and it was whether the term “Happy” was appropriate for what tends to be a more solemn, reverent, prayerful day. I am sure there are diverse opinions about this. As I thought about it, I thought perhaps “reverent” was a better adjective. Remembrance. Respect. Reflection. For the selfless service that our uniformed men and women and our veterans have given in protection of and love for our country.