Officially a Selectwoman of Sidney, Maine

My official title is: Selectman, Assessor, and Overseer of the Poor.

The town meeting was lively and very well attended. I think I roughly calculated 80+ people.

The topics that got the most attention on the warrant were (1) raising $1,900 for Spectrum Generations, (2) raising $1,052 for Life Flight, and (3) a mass gathering ordinance for the town of Sidney for gatherings over 1,000 people. All 3 were rejected.  I felt personally close to 2 of those 3 articles.

Town meeting was concluded in 2.5 hours and there were a total of 40 articles on the warrant. Pretty efficient voting!

It was very interesting to meet more Sidney townsfolk and hear their points of view. Sidney is a fairly conservative group of folks who do not like being burdened with excess regulation.  (The mass gathering town ordinance lost in a landslide “no” vote.)  It also seemed to me that the folks of Sidney are also mostly in favor of supporting services that directly benefit Sidney residents. I truly wish more Sidney voters would turn up at town hall meetings – and I bet Spectrum Generations would have gotten their funding.

And at the end, as people were departing, I was officially sworn in as a Selectman. First official meeting is Monday, March 26th (and this time I can stay for the executive sessions!)

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