Auditing the Audit!

Well, tonight was a whole lot of number fun! Shifting dollars to and from surplus and escrow/reserve as well as “raise” and then making sure all the bottom budget line items sum correctly!  Good thing I love numbers 🙂

It seems that the auditor failed to read the town’s articles and allocations when preparing the audit, so, tonight, the dynamic and jocular team sorted out the sordid mess and the numbers at the town meeting will be correct. The poor budget committee is going to have to act fast, though, and approve/take note of the changes because the town report goes to print on Wednesday!

Tonight, as we dove headlong into numbers, I felt like part of the team. I saw more of the information in the folders (approving payroll and invoices) and got more information about what happens on 3/24. As soon as I put my hand on that bible I officially represent the town of Sidney!

Lots of good-hearted, playful-punch jokes tonight around the table. The numbers did it – made folks punchy 😉

An the funniest joke of the night – the auditors want to come in and teach the Board how to read the audit. I think we just did that for them. Perhaps we can teach them about how towns allocate funds instead.

And a word to the wise for those who would provide services to the Town. Don’t send the Board successive quotes where the prices are continually shifting upward, especially after the annual budget meeting. It makes one look quite shady…and it invites unfriendly scrutiny, especially from IT savvy folks who are coming on Board.


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