Sidney Selectboard Meeting 1/29/2018

I have decided that I will sit in on Sidney’s Selectboard How do towns handle mass gatherings? meetings now through the time I am sworn in at the annual town meeting.  I wanted to start meeting everyone, get a feel for the flow of the meetings, absorb my colleagues’ energy, and learn more about the issues on the table.

Tonight’s meeting was filled with items from approving the minutes from last week, to discussing the proposal/quote for printing the town’s annual meeting report, to an executive session to review town employees’ performance (I had to leave for the exec parts :-), to AED/CPR training and certification, to the big ticket on the agenda, which was creating a mass gathering ordinance for our town that is fair to all tax-paying residents. We also had a visit from 2 representatives from Spectrum Generations, who asked the Selectboard to consider adding a request for monetary support for approval/vote by the town.

I met Angela more formally tonight. She is the Admin. Assist. to the Board of Selectman and she is very good at what she does. I met Leon, the warm bear of a man who keeps Sidney’s roads in tip-top shape. I got to say hi to Winnie, our Town Clerk, Treasurer & Tax Collector, before she scooted in for her annual review.  And I met Tim, John, Laura, and Sarah, 4 of the 5 current Selectpersons.

You can tell they’ve worked together for a while. They have quick, playful banter, can finish each others sentences, and though they clearly have different views on issues, they speak to each other very respectfully and hear each other out.

I learned that I will have to play catch up on some local and state law and tonight Google was my friend to explain “abatements” a bit more for me. But I am up to the challenge and I look forward to working with this group of dedicated individuals. It feels exciting to be a part of my local government and I am a bit awed at the opportunity to serve the 4,208 residents of Sidney, most of whom don’t even know I exist 🙂  I always did like working behind the curtains!

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