The Journey Begins

One person can make a difference, and everyone should try. — John F. Kennedy

Today, January 19, 2018, I submitted my signature list to the town office of Sidney, Maine to run for one of the open selectpersons’ positions. Universe willing I will be able to serve after the town vote on March 23rd, 2018. If elected, I’ll get sworn in on March 24th at the Annual Town Meeting.

I have lived in Sidney for 17 years. This is my first foray into public service (so long as you don’t count being part of the PTO or a Cub Scout Den Leader.) I have decided I want to try and make a difference in my community. It takes leadership, cooperation, and organization at this very local level to impact policies and decisions at higher levels. Have to start somewhere. At the very least I am eager for the opportunity to learn how my town operates and to be more involved in decision-making and outcomes.

One of the biggest surprises to me as I collected signatures was how many couples there were in my immediate vicinity, older couples, where the husband was registered, but the wife was not – and the sentiment was that voting really doesn’t matter anyway. I passionately beg to differ. I will find data on close-call local races that shows just how much one or two votes can make a difference.

My intent in setting up this site is to share information, solicit opinions, listen to suggestions and ideas, and to bring your voice to selectboard meetings if you are not able to participate. I sincerely make myself available to you and you have my word that I will do the best job I can.


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